Office Politics: The Blame Game

Ever been in an office where doing a good job is like wetting your pants in a dark suit. You get a warm feeling about it but no one else notices. All the employees look forward to is the WEEKEND ( read as time away from toxic work environment).


'That's our mission statement.'
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This is a growing menace that is slowly eating up productivity levels and blocking energy and innovation levels in the 21st-century office set ups.  It results in emotional stress and creates biases. New graduates, fresh to the working career life, are adopting blame game as the ideal work culture and ethics.

The culture of blame game is an individual vice where one tries to protect his image and ego at the expense of anything or anyone.

Office politics for the purposes of this article refers to backstabbing, power grabbing, gossiping, idea stealing, sabotage/withholding information among other vices.



Take a scenario of the Boss. The Boss has the key role of creating a synergy of efforts of all the team players, identifying weaknesses of the team and using her position to address that and strengthening the strong points of her team members. However, if he or she has the “blame game virus” then such will not be accomplished, instead, he/she will kill the freedom of expression, innovation levels of the team and thus morale of the team.

The end goal of any team leader is to have evidence of great work done.

Unfortunately, blame game only manifests when a mistake is done. In fact, when a good deed is done, most types of such character will not give credit where it is due.

Ownership of failure builds loyalty within a team and gives an employee somewhat confidence levels in dealing with their colleagues. It is also a key learning experience for the individual and for the team.

So how do you deal with this menace:


  1. Check your ego. Find solutions and always learn
  2. Use effective communication techniques which consider other perspectives and check assumptions before reacting.Email communication is the official platform of communicating business matters.
  3. Be a source of good energy and make your choices in terms of ethics. Let is it be known ( especially if in a position of power) that blame game is not a solution
  4. Use HR and internal communications training and efforts to curb the menace

When leaders focus on values, behaviours, processes, shared purpose and communicating effectively – blame based behaviours gradually lessen over time.  Trust among team members gradually grows over time as a result and staff can begin focusing on hitting targets and hitting them well 🙂


To get the best results, you have to get the best out of people in your human resource management processes. To do this, you have to inculcate the best culture in your people.



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